Draper Fine Art

 Art and Literacy

Opening Reception
Friday, October 18, 6-9pm

Draw, Inc. Gallery
752 6th Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

In “Art and Literacy”, I salute authors’ ability to create ideas, stories, worlds, and movements from nothing.  I create much of these paintings from their chosen medium - paper and ink.

I begin with a 2-part epoxy resin, then shape, burn, and place pages to bring classics to life.  Heat is applied with a blowtorch to eliminate bubbles, it is left to cure, and another layer is applied - until the piece is declared finished.

The 3D effects achievable through the use of epoxy are undoubtedly the medium’s biggest asset, and in each case, the actual book celebrated is used to make the whole piece.

I encourage viewers of all ages to approach the artwork, touch it, and read visible words (readable pages are deliberately chosen). I hope that those who interact with my artwork walk away with an increased desire to expand their minds through reading, as well as a greater understanding that without a creative mind, none of these works could be created or comprehended.

Books are so important to Lisa that she spent 1 semester of college studying nothing but languages so she could better appreciate works written in other tongues (she knows a little of 7 languages). Though she’s not fluent in anything but English, she still loves looking at human thought as expressed in writing throughout times and cultures.

Lisa Draper lives in Lehi, Utah, where she is a wife to 1, and mother of 3. She loves action movies, scenic drives, the beach, airplane take off, NYC street music, and anything sweet. She doesn’t particularly like snow, but braves northern Utah’s in exchange for breathtaking summer hikes with deep blue lakes and rivers in the summer. Her award-winning artwork is held in corporate and private collections internationally.