Draper Fine Art


Terms & Conditions

By buying a piece from Draper Fine Art, you agree to certain terms and conditions, as stated below.  

  1. If a piece is somehow rendered unacceptable by Inspirations Art Studio (ie it is damaged on site, before shipping) money will be refunded in full and at least a 10% discount offered on the next order.

  2. As soon as a piece is in the hands of the carrier company, it is their responsibility to prevent damage. If damage happens during shipment, immediately photograph evidence and send me an email. This will allow me to collect insurance from the carrier and make things right with you. I package shipments myself to ensure attention to detail, so I will do everything in my power to prevent this from happening.

  3. If a commission piece is ordered, a non-refundable fee of 50% down will be required at the time of the order. The remainder will be due upon completion and shipment. If the client decides not to pay the remaining 50%, Inspirations Art Studio will keep the initial fee and (with the exception of portraits) sell the piece to another client as a finished work.

  4. Inspirations Art Studio retains copyright to all pieces, even after the original is sold. Thus, prints are authorized to be made only by Inspirations Art Studio unless specific permission is given. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, Inspirations Art Studio has the right to post photos and videos of the process and completed commission pieces on their website and social media sites.

  5. Inspirations by Lisa reserves the right to refuse a commission order for any reason.

  6. Due to the time-intensive nature of art, it is expected that commission clients will give at least 4 weeks notice for a piece, longer if in oil or in the case of a waiting list. Commission pieces will be started on a first-come basis, however due to drying time and the nature of different mediums (esp oil and resin), some will be completed before others.


Privacy Policy

I hate getting spammed.  I imagine you do, too.  I do not sell or give your information to any third party without your explicit consent.

Email addresses are collected for direct contact and Inspirations Art Studio promotion purposes only.