Draper Fine Art

Whale Shark

Whale Shark

Lisa Draper

24” x 24”
Mixed Media Resin on Board
Framed in custom black float frame
Wired and ready to hang
26” x 26” in frame

”Look, it’s a whale!”
”Is it…a shark?”
Yes to both, this piece celebrates one of my favorite creatures in the ocean. A gentle giant so large a diver seems to disappear in its majesty.

May we all grow and develop in such a way to bring others to us, and then use that power for good.

Bonus: turning off the lights causes the background to melt away and the silver leaf to seek any glimmer of light, causing this incredible piece to glow.

Lisa Draper

Sale inquiries email Lisa at lisa@draperfineart.com

Whale Shark.jpg