Draper Fine Art

Silver School

Lisa Draper

16” x 20”
Mixed Media Resin on Board
Framed in a custom black float frame
Wired and ready to hang
18” x 22” with frame

Leafing is one of my favorite mediums. Besides the clean edges and crisp lines that can be achieved, I can’t beat the effect of turning off the lights, and watching the metal seek out any glimmer of light in the dark, and shine like a light. The entire background melts away, and the metal stands alone.

One fish is beautiful, but a school - moving together - cannot be beat. May we each find our community of common purpose, and move together in a powerful and beautiful way. And then seek for any light in the darkness, and shine.

Lisa Draper

Sale inquiries, email Lisa at lisa@draperfineart.com

Silver School.jpg