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Whale Shark

Lisa Draper

24” x 24”
Mixed Media Resin on Board
Framed in custom black float frame
Wired and ready to hang
26” x 26” in frame

”Look, it’s a whale!”
”Is it…a shark?”
Yes to both, this piece celebrates one of my favorite creatures in the ocean. A gentle giant so large a diver seems to disappear in its majesty.

May we all grow and develop in such a way to bring others to us, and then use that power for good.

Bonus: turning off the lights causes the background to melt away and the silver leaf to seek any glimmer of light, causing this incredible piece to glow.

Lisa Draper

Sale inquiries email Lisa at lisa@draperfineart.com

Whale Shark.jpg

Wave of Change

Lisa Draper

24” x 35.5”
Mixed Media Resin on Board
Wired and Ready to Hang

As I watch the world around me, change -both good and bad - seems to come in waves.

Waves that remind me of Tsunamis….the tide comes out, everyone watches breathless for a moment, and then the pandemonium sets in. And just like a huge wave crashing back in without warning, buildings, people, and the entire culture is shifted as change sweeps in and moves all in its wake.

May we make the change in our lives change that builds and creates. And when the destruction does inevitably come, may we rebuild something more beautiful than what was there before.

Lisa Draper

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The Futile Escape of Jonah

Lisa Draper

24” x 30”
Mixed Media on Board
Framed in black float frame, ready to hang

I have always been fascinated by the story of Jonah. Here is a man who truly dedicated his whole life to his God - until one day the task just was too hard. And God provided a way for him to try again, and understand that all of God’s children were worth saving.

But (spoiler) even after he fulfilled his task, he didn’t understand. He didn’t get that God cared about everyone, and that - just like he got another chance after leaving knowingly - the people of Ninevah (who hadn’t even realized they were so far off) got another chance as well. Jonah ends in a beautiful way for the people of Ninevah, and very unsatisfying for Jonah, who chooses to sit and wait for a destruction that would never come.

May we all see the worth of those around us, and rejoice when we see others change, instead of holding over their heads all that they have forsaken.

Lisa Draper

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Jonah Framed.jpg