Draper Fine Art



Lisa Draper

24” x 36”
Mixed Media Resin on Board
Wired and ready to hang

This ball of light is Christ laying on a rock, as the powers of Darkness seep through him, during his atonement for our sins.

Above this small detail, The Destroyer, in the form of a great beast, pushes down on his body, and looks up in disdain as an angel descends from Heaven, to comfort Christ through his suffering. 

Below Christ and The Destroyer, chains that bind the Olive Tree (and all of us) to Hell are beginning to break.

This piece brings together many beliefs I have about the sacrifice of Christ for me.

As I have studied scripture, and works of fiction that have alluded to the atonement, such as CS Lewis's work "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe", I have come to know my Savior as a being of great light and love. I know that he took on my debt, to allow Mercy to replace Justice.

I will be forever grateful.
He lives.

Lisa Draper

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