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Art and Literacy

Lisa Draper

New series alert!

As the name suggests, this series celebrates the gift of the written word and the power it has to shape our perspectives of the world.

Each piece is made while listening to the work that is being celebrated. Created in layers of epoxy (of course) using pages from the actual book to create artwork that celebrates the soul of the work.

Can I Keep it For a Week First?

Lisa Draper

This week I sold one of my favorite pieces, “Waterfall”, a 24” x 48” mixed media to an incredible couple in Colorado. During the process of the sale I ran into a couple common questions and want to share them and some appropriate responses here.

“We’ve never bought a piece like this!  I think it’ll work really well in our space, we’re just not sure.  Is there any way we can see it actually in our home before we buy it?”

Beginning of a Journey

Lisa Draper

I’m so excited you’re here to join me on an amazing journey of learning, discovery, creation, and beauty.

There are 2 main purposes for this blog:
1. Act as a resource for emerging artists looking to make a more professional business
2. Share personal insights into the meanings behind my artwork.