Draper Fine Art

Beginning of a Journey

Lisa Draper

Welcome to the Draper Fine Art blog!

Or...the Lisa Draper is feeling crazy blog.

Ooooorrrr…..The Landmark Arts/Artist and Draper Fine Art blog?

In the end, welcome.  I’m so excited you’re here to join me on an amazing journey of learning, discovery, creation, and beauty.

There are 2 main purposes for this blog:
1. Act as a resource for emerging artists looking to make a more professional business

These more educational posts will be published in conjunction with Landmark Arts, who own Landmark Artist, of which I’m the Director.  We bring artists and business owners together in a one-of-a-kind relationship that benefits both. This is achieved by offering rotating exhibits of high-quality, local, original art to business owners to hang in their community spaces to achieve beauty, local connections, and sales.  

2. Share personal insights into the meanings behind my artwork.  

I am thrilled to have works hanging in a variety of homes across the USA.  The history behind many of my pieces is just too rich to fit in those cute little comment blurbs.   A blog allows me to share these stories, and give them the justice they deserve.

Though art is often considered a luxury item, I truly believe that it is integral to keeping our common humanity alive.  Art brings contemplation and burns in our memory in a way that words often can’t achieve. The emotional connection and change I’ve personally experienced through painted and sculpted works can’t be fully expressed, and I am honored to bring that to others.  

So...what’s next?  
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Thank you always,
Lisa Draper